The Practical Deception, Vincent Monaco, blacklight posters

     The Practical Deception 
Blacklight Painting
(Original: Acrylic on canvas, 56"x 72")

 22" x 34" Blacklight Poster Art

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“The Practical Deception” is Just one from a popular 1990's psychedelic surrealism blacklight poster art series by artist Vincent Monaco.

This stunning artwork, titled "The Practical Deception," is a masterpiece created by the talented Vincent Monaco in the 1990s. The large landscape print, measuring 22 inches in height and 34 inches in width, features a surreal and trippy design with bohemian and biblical themes that is sure to captivate any viewer. This open edition print is signed by the artist and printed on matte paper using high-quality ink, making it a perfect addition to any art collection or home decor. Framing is not included.

Authentic 1990's vintage!